Dating In Second Life / Boyfriend Issue

So I met this guy in second life awhile ago he’s nice and cool but my issue is him never being online. I’m stuck paying his rental and worried if he’ll ever come online the last time he was online was “2020/01/03” it’s Jan,20,2020. Why do people need love in Second Life with other people […]

Second Life To Photoshop

Out of most of my past photos dating back to 2008 during high school I’ve never used photoshop but used gimp and between you and me I never really knew how to use gimp but lately I’ve been taking photos and saving them to my MacBook Pro laptop and do some things to the photos […]

(BYRNE) Royal 2020 Suit With A Pinch Of Fruit

Hey guys (BYRNE) has a new subscriber gift and it’s very fruity from “Grape – Passionfruit – Tangerine” the suit is one size and fits maitreya and it may fit other bodies if you use your alpha hud. One thing I do want you know IS if you wear long hair you’ll get an alpha […]

The Lady With A Moccino Shopping Bag!

By alinashinko aka ladyaliisa @ second life Next we’ll start with the skin from PUMEC and a store I truly love that has the following Mesh Ears, Skin, Makeup, and many gachas the group is 399 lindens to join and PUMEC has a wall of gifts for you to collect. The skin I am wearing […]

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